And exact same applies to my sex drive

And exact same applies to my sex drive

Additionally, it is labeled as bile sodium diarrhea. It’s where in fact the bowels doesn’t break apart and absorb the brand new more salts regarding a lot more bile today flushing because of due to the fact there can be zero GB. It grounds importance and you may purple watery diarrhea. It’s a complication within 5% of individuals who may have had gallbladder removal. It is really not commonly identified since the docs put it down to ibs normally. Nevertheless totally additional and you will up to they’ve over try so you can code anything out. And therefore sometimes they do not actually annoy accomplish. It’s not aren’t recognized however, a bit a frustrating and you will lives modifying side-effect. Are unable to eat out. Can’t eat more than just 5m regarding a toilet. Must bring spare pant in me wallet. Really uncomfortable

I found myself feeling an extreme drop from inside the sexual drive, terrible mood swings, despair, and you may putting on weight along with water retention leading up to February

I am 5 months since the my last depo try and just have already been usually hemorrhaging while the my personal earliest treatment ten weeks back.

I have been wanting responses on the best way to diminish the newest effects of depo since i have already been and recently a statistician from the trade, thus I’m however curious anyway).

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